Convert GPS coordinates to map coordinates in a twinkling.

Never get lost again! With GeoPosition you know always exactly where you are. Within a second you convert GPS coordinates received by your iPhone to popular map projection coordinate systems like UTM/UPS, Mercator, Gauss/Krüger, Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987 (GGRS87), Luxembourg Reference Frame (LUREF), MGRS, Swiss Grid CH1903+/LV95, CH1903/LV03-M and vice versa. GeoPostion supports in addition to the reference datum WGS84 more than 280 map datums. So you determine exactly your current position on a map.

New in version 1.1:

  • Swiss Grid CH1903+/LV95 and CH1903/LV03-M (Schweizer Landeskoordinaten)
  • Further 44 map datums including DHDN (Deutsches Hauptdreiecksnetz) Potsdam/Rauenberg

New in version 2.0:

  • New projection systems „Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987“ (GGRS87) and Luxembourg Reference Frame (LUREF)
  • New datums LURES (Luxembourg Reference System) and ETRS89
  • Altitude, horizontal and vertical accuracy are displayed when the coordinate is received from the location service
  • Distance calculation between the entered coordinate and the current position; the distance is also shown as line on the map view
  • Coordinates can be saved with a note and exported to a CSV file
  • Datum search
  • Link in SMS can be used to start GeoPosition or Google Maps with the coordinate
  • IOS7 user interface

Further information:

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