2016 – 2017 Project „Electronic Know Your Customer“, Deutsche Bank, workflow application to manage customer dossiers in the wealth management division; tasks: requirements analysis, software architecture, team lead with offshore teams in India and Canada
2015 – 2016 Java-framework ACAF (A Common Application Framework) published, a lightweight base framework to implement robust and technology-free business classes, promoting the capability to connect the business classes transparently to arbitrary frameworks. The framework provides, among other features, an object/relational mapping to store the business objects in relational databases and a XML serialization/deserialization for business objects.
2015 Programming tool Message Compiler published, used to internationalize applications
2014 – 2015Development of the iPhone app GeoPosition, version 2.0; Project leader for a refurbishing project of a three-family house
2012 – 2013 Project leader for the voucher and invoice printing project at Rhenus Medien Logistik
2011 Development of the iPhone app GeoPosition; development of web-services for voucher and invoice printing and warehouse delivery at Rhenus Medien Logistik
2009 – 2010 Münchener Hypothekenbank eG: Web application for real-estate loan initiation by partners of MHB
2008Münchener Hypothekenbank eG: Design and implementation of a service oriented architecture for loan initiation and remortgage for partners and portals offering real estate financing
2003 – 2007 Münchener Hypothekenbank eG„Integrierte Immobilienfinanzierung“ (IFI), integration of the loan application of MHB in the banking clients of GAD and Fiducia
2003 Daimler Chrysler AG: „Werkstatt Informations-System“ (WIS), globally installed application for maintenance of vehicles
1999 – 2002 FIBA: Application for the tasks of FIBA (management of players, referees, competitions, ...) based on Windows NT/2000 with web front-end
1998 – 1999 Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt: „DEPATIS“ application for archiving and investigation with workflow for patent documents
1996 – 1997 iZB Soft: Porting the server applications of iZB Soft from Unix to Windows NT
1994 – 1996 Deutsche Telekom: „Intelligente Netze“, billing application for service call numbers and tele voting
1993 – 1994 Landeszentralbank Bayern: „Zentrales System Management“, application for software packaging, distribution and fully automated, unattended installation on OpenVMS systems
1992 – 1993 Südwestbank: „FCL-Translator“ to transfer programs written in FCL (IBM 4700) in a fully automated process to C++ und so to open systems (OpenVMS, OSF/1, Windows NT)
1991 – 1992 Banca Nazionale dell'Agricoltura: „VAX B-Loop Server“, development of hard- and software to connect IBM 4700 peripheral devices to Open VMS/VAX systems
1989 – 1990 Südwestbank: Integration of an IBM 4700 (PU Type II) into DECnet

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