The Message Compiler

The Message Compiler

The Message Compiler is a programming tool, used to internationalize applications, by compiling a message file, which contains message definitions in different languages, to several output files, like resource files, programming language specific class or header files with constant definitions for the message keys and HTML documentation files. It lies in the tradition of tools like the Open VMS Message Utility, the Microsoft Message Compiler (mc), which is available in Visual Studio or the Unix gencat utility. The Message Compiler is a 100% pure Java program, so you need the Java Runtime Environment with the minimum version 1.5 to used it. Open VMS Message Utility, dem Microsoft Message Compiler (mc), der in Visual Studio zur Verfügung steht oder gencat unter Unix. Der Message Compiler ist ein 100%-iges Java Programm, das nur eine Java Laufzeit-Umgebung (JRE) ab der Version 1.5 benötigt.

The advantage of using the Message Compiler is, that you can keep your localized text and messages in one source file and all files required for your programming environment are generated from this one source. Even when you use the same localized texts in different programming environments, you may generate the files for all your programming environments from one source file using the Message Compiler. Furthermore the programming language specific constants created for the message keys are off course a much safer way to access the messages in the resource files, than using plain strings.

For further information see the detailed documentation of the Message Compiler.

License Agreement

The single user license and the other user licenses of the Message Compiler refer to natural persons. This means, the persons the licenses has been purchased for may use the product on any computer. If an enterprise license has been purchased, any person working for the company may use the product.

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