A Common Application Framework (ACAF)

The intension of ACAF is, to build business classes as the core classes of your application, which can be used in each tier or layer, e.g. a GUI frontend, a Web frontend, a mobile device, a Web, a SOA or a database backend service. To achieve this goal, the business classes has to be technology-free. A database backend doesn't need a GUI framework and a GUI frontend usually doesn't need a O/R mapping framework. ACAF helps you to achieve this goal, providing means to connect arbitrary framework to the business classes without affecting the business classes itself and without establishing a dependency between the business classes and the framework. The frameworks are connected via the ACAF interfaces and classes to the business classes. ACAF itself has no dependencies to other libraries, only the Java standard edition (JSE) and it has a very small memory footprint.

For a detailled description of ACAF see also the ACAF documentation site.

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