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Convert GPS coordinates to map coordinates in a twinkling.

Never get lost again! With GeoPosition you know always exactly where you are. Within a second you convert GPS coordinates received by your iPhone to popular map projection coordinate systems like UTM/UPS, Mercator, Gauss/Krüger, Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987 (GGRS87), Luxembourg Reference Frame (LUREF), MGRS, Swiss Grid CH1903+/LV95, CH1903/LV03-M and vice versa. GeoPostion supports in addition to the reference datum WGS84 more than 280 map datums. So you determine exactly your current position on a map.

New in version 1.1:

  1. Swiss Grid CH1903+/LV95 and CH1903/LV03-M (Schweizer Landeskoordinaten)

  2. Further 44 map datums including DHDN (Deutsches Hauptdreiecksnetz) Potsdam/Rauenberg

New in version 2.0:

  1. New projection systems "Greek Geodetic Reference System 1987" (GGRS87) and "Luxembourg Reference Frame" (LUREF)

  2. New datums LURES (Luxembourg Reference System) and ETRS89

  3. Altitude, horizontal and vertical accuracy are displayed when the coordinate is received from the location service

  4. Distance calculation between the entered coordinate and the current position; the distance is also shown as line on the map view

  5. Coordinates can be saved with a note and exported to a CSV file

  6. Datum search

  7. Link in SMS can be used to start GeoPosition or Google Maps with the coordinate

  8. IOS7 user interface

  1. Users Guide

  2. Handy Tips

  3. Further Information

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